Dementia Care

We recognise and understand the challenges that are faced by people of all ages living with a form of dementia. It can be upsetting for you and frustrating for your loved one. We are dedicated to not only helping those living a form of Dementia but families too. We understand the stress it can put on loved ones and we have made it our mission to help.

    About Dementia Care

    Quality care provided at Marion Lauder has a positive impact on those with dementia. A regular routine, a familiar environment, replica village and good company can help make your loved one feel safe and enhance their quality of life. That’s why it’s critical to us at Marion Lauder Care Home that we offer our care team regular training and guidance to understand how to support people living with dementia. Our dememtia specialist care has been shown to improve well-being, following research and long term experience and continues to develop to meet the changing needs of older people.

    Our carers at Marion Lauder dedicate themselves to making your loved one’s life as fulfilling as possible. They help to provide simple pleasures that can put a smile on your family member’s face. Whether it’s a walk in the beautiful on-site garden or time spent in the day centre, these small activities have a big impact. Our definition of care goes beyond dispensing medicine; it’s giving individuals dignity and respect in all we do.

    If you’d like to learn more about our dementia service please get in touch

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    Qualified Staff
    Bring small items eg. Pictures or ornaments
    En-Suite Room
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    Non-Denominational Religious Services
    Nutritional Meals

    How It Works

    The Stages of Dementia Care – What to expect


    You’ll have an assessment by a professional, that takes into account your abilities, needs and wishes. There will be involvement with your family if you wish, in decisions about intermediate care. This includes whether it will be suitable for you and which setting it will be provided in.



    You’ll be given information about the service and what will be involved. You’ll receive support to plan what you are aiming for (your goals) and how to reach them. These discussions can include your family and carers if you wish. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.



    You’ll receive support from a range of people, including therapists, to help you towards your goals. How long the service lasts may change, depending on the progress you make. Any information you need to help achieve your aims will be written in a way that makes sense to you.



    If you need ongoing support, you’ll be given a plan for transferring to another service. Information about other types of support available will be provided. You’ll be given information about how to refer yourself back to the service, if you need to.


    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Basic Info

    Do you have laundry facilities?

    Yes. All laundry for the home and intermediate care unit is done on the premises. We do ask that clothes are marked with the residents’ name. We cannot be resonsible for clothes that are not clearly marked or for clothes that need special laundry treatment. There is a charge for Dry Cleaning if you do not pay a tip up or are not self-funding.

    Can residents visit home?

    Yes. Residents will be encouranged to visit their home prior to admission to see their room and meet their key-worker. 

    Should residents have insurance?

    Yes. We ask that residents arrange insurance for valuable items; however the home caries insurance for resident possessions if they are damaged in a fire or flood.

    Respite & Assessment

    The main purpose of respite is to provide a break for both the carer and the person who is being cared for. It can also help to reduce the feelings of social isolation which some elderly people may experience. Our service is designed to be completely flexible to meet the changing needs of our clients and their carers.

    Day Services

    The Day Centre is attached to Marion Lauder House, it will give you the opportunity to socialised with other people and join in activities.

    The centre is run by a Manager and appropriately trained staff. Some services include; Arts and crafts, films, TV, entertainment, exercise classes etc.



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