Our Story

Marion Lauder House. Since 2004

Care Concepts has rapidly become one of the leading home care providers across Manchester and Cheshire.

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

Creating a homely environment is a crucial part of our service.

When you come to stay at Marion Lauder you will be introduced to a member of our care team whose prime responsibility is to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and what you like to do with your leisure time. With this information, we will develop a personalised care plan with you and your family, which will be used by all staff in Marion Lauder to ensure your needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Our Purpose

Marion Lauder House provides care for people who have personal care and nursing as a result of dementia. Some of them will be assessed as being at unacceptable risk in their own homes, some will be admitted for a period of assessment to determine their care needs and others will be admitted for respite to enable their carers to have a break. 65 places are available in the main home dementia nursing and dementia residential care and 12 respite/ assessment and day services for local community.

Aims and Objectives

We aim in an environment that promotes dignity and independence whilst providing, security and choice:

  • To provide all individuals in Marion Lauder with quality care that meets their assessed needs in an environment that afford them dignity, security, privacy and promotes independence.
  • To involve residents in decisions that affect their lives and provide them with choice in daily living.
  • To provide quality care delivered by trained and committed staff to meet the social, emotional, health and spiritual needs of residents.
  • To provide residents with a fulfilling life that enables them to live with as much independence as possible with support and guidance from skilled and knowledgeable staff.

“Marion Lauder House is part of the CareConcepts group that is committed to ensuring the dignity and respect of all residents is upheld at all times”


At Marion Lauder House, residents will be assisted and supported to achieve their potential and will be treated individually and with respect. Residents will be encouraged to participate as fully as possible in decisions made about the operation of the home and residents and their relatives will be encouraged to give their views on the services provided.

Staff with respect the beliefs and values of residents and will receive ongoing training to ensure they are equipped to deliver the most up to date care practices to meet the assessed needs of each resident. Marion Lauder operates a robust anti-discriminatory policy to ensure that residents and staff are not disadvantaged by their age, culture, sexuality or religious beliefs.


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